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  • Keep Feet Happy this Holiday Season
    Tips to keep feet happy this holiday season Holiday shopping, decorating, parties and traveling are all part of our holiday revelries. But while you’re making all that merriment, how happy are Read more
  • Women's feet hurt more in the Autumn
                  As they transition from open-toed sandals to closed-in boots and shoes, foot and ankle surgeon Shaun Hafner, DPM, FACFAS, says he notices more women seeking relief for painful bunions. Read more
  • New moms and babies
    Foot care advice for new moms and babies Few things in life are as darling as a newborn’s little feet, and most new moms take great joy in counting 10 tiny, Read more
  • Keeping your morning run healthy
    How to keep your morning run healthy—for your feet Love isn’t the only human experience that may make you wonder, “How can something so good hurt so bad?” You might find Read more
  • High Heels
    Well-heeled: Tips for picking high heels that are better for your feet Few relationships in a woman’s life are as love-hate as the one she has with her high heels. We Read more
  • Shoe shopping with teens!
    Shoe shopping with teens? Sanity-saving tips for parents Many parents agonize over making just the right choice for their baby’s first pair of shoes. In one important way, however, picking infant Read more
  • Kids in fall sports
    6 tips to protect Northern Virginia kids in fall sports   Back-to-school sports season linked to ankle injuries   Manassas, VA October 3, 2016 If your children are playing sports this fall, pay attention Read more
  • Check Pain Management Off Your List
    Check Pain Management Off Your List of Foot Surgery Worries     Foot and ankle surgeons share reassuring insight on managing pain after surgery   (Reston, Manassas, Leesburg, VA – 9/23/16) – With any surgery Read more
  • Getting help for the most ignored, most common type of pain.
    Getting help for the most-common, most-ignored type of pain If our teeth ache, most of us will head quickly to the dentist for treatment. But if your feet hurt, do you Read more
  • Protect Yourself from Sports Injuries
    With fall sports ramping up it’s important that you follow certain tips to keep feet injury-free this season. Even though saying goodbye to summer can be disappointing, we do welcome the Read more
  • Don't let sore feet trip up your travel plans
    Don't let sore feet trip up your travel plans   Whether you travel for business or pleasure, whether you fly, drive, or take a train, there’s one other mode of transportation you’ll Read more
  • Youth Heel Pain
        Heel Pain in Youth Athletes: A Warning Sign Surgeon Urges Prompt Treatment for Growth Plate Injuries     (Reston, Manassas, and Leesburg, VA- 8/26/16) -- Indoors and outdoors, youth athletes stay active year-round Read more
  • Shoe Shopping for Kids
    Shoe shopping for kids: A parent's guide to a year-round task What is it about children's feet that make them seem like the fastest-growing part of their bodies? With back-to-school shopping Read more
  • Beyond the backpack: Back-to-school shoe-shopping tips to keep kids healthy and parents happy
    For parents faced with kids’ changing tastes and opinions, navigating back-to-school shopping can be a harrowing process. Buy him the wrong backpack, and he’ll be the uncool kid on the Read more
  • Better to Look Good or Feel Good?
    Is it better to look good or feel good? Both, when you're pondering pedicures Whether you’re getting ready for a romantic evening out, or looking ahead to when sandal days are Read more
  • Choosing the right footwear to climb the corporate ladder.
      Power shoes: Choosing the right footwear for climbing the corporate ladder Climbing the corporate ladder requires marketable skills, initiative, creativity, and ... the right shoes? While the importance of proper footwear Read more

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