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By Reston, Manassas, and Leesburg Foot and Ankle Centers
October 28, 2019
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Have over-the-counter wart medications failed to get rid of the bumpy growths on your foot? The podiatrists at Reston, Manassas, and wartsLeesburg Foot and Ankle Centers in Reston, Manassas and Leesburg, VA, offer treatments that can finally eliminate your warts.

What causes warts?

Warts form when your skin is exposed to a strain of the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV enters the skin through large or small breaks in the skin. Cuts, scratches, and dry patches of skin provide the perfect entry point for the virus.

The virus causes rapid growth of skin cells, resulting in a bumpy wart on most parts of the body. If you have a wart on the bottom of your foot, the growth may be flat instead of raised. These growths, known as plantar warts, become flat due to constant pressure placed on your feet when you walk and stand.

Plantar warts can make walking very painful, but that's not the only concern if you have this type of wart. Back and hip pain can occur if you alter the way you walk in an attempt to relieve pressure on your warts.

Warts can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact or exposure to the virus on a floor or other surface. You can get warts on your feet if you walk barefoot in public locker or pool areas or if your foot brushes against a wart on a friend or family member's foot. The virus can also be spread by using the same towels, shoes, socks, clippers, or nail files as someone who has a wart.

When should I see my Reston, Manassas, or Leesburg foot doctor?

If home treatment doesn't work or your warts make walking painful, it's a good idea to schedule a visit with your podiatrist. Although over-the-counter products can be helpful in some cases, they're usually not strong enough to reach the deepest layers of the wart.

Wart treatment options include:

  • Strong topical medications and ointments that remove the wart layer by layer
  • Cryotherapy to freeze wart cells
  • Laser therapy to heat and kill wart cells

Are you tired of living with warts? Schedule an appointment with the podiatrists at Reston, Manassas, and Leesburg Foot and Ankle Centers by calling (703) 437-6333 for the Reston, VA, office, (703) 368-7166 for the Manassas office, or (703) 777-2101 for the Leesburg office.