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Can You Heal a Bunion Without Surgery?

Bunions are a bony projection that will sometimes form on the inside of your foot at the joint where the big toe meets the foot. Once a bunion has progressed to a certain point, it may disrupt your ability to walk and otherwise function in daily life. At this point, surgery may be required in order to eliminate the bunion if that is your wish. It is not possible to heal the physical deformity of the bunion once it has formed, but there are many things that you can do to decrease the pain stemming from the bunion and its negative effects on your life. Treat your bunion in Reston, Manassas, and Leesburg, VA, with the podiatrists at The Foot and Ankle Centers.

Often, preventing a bunion from progressing further and a worsening of the bunion itself - as well as leading to other problems of the foot - will be all that is needed, without surgery. Many times, it will be a matter of a different shoe choice. A lot of people wear ill-fitting shoes, particularly in the toe area. If your shoes are too tight, they will cause unnatural friction against the big toe and this can lead to the formation of a bunion.

Learn how to effectively manage your bunion in Reston, Manassas, and Leesburg, VA. Ways to reduce a bunion from progressing and causing your bunion pain are:

  • Wear properly fitting shoes. This is especially true for the toe area. This is especially true in the toe area. There should be ample room in the front of your shoes to allow for movement of the toes
  • Avoid pointy-toed shoes and high heels
  • When looking to buy new shoes, shop in the evening. Your feet will likely be somewhat swollen at the end of the day, allowing you to try on shoes that accommodate this slightly increased size of your foot
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises for the foot may help the mechanics of the foot
  • Treat your feet by massaging them or soaking them in warm water with Epsom salts
  • A steroid injection at the location of the bunion may help curb inflammation and pain
  • Keep a healthy weight so as not to place undue pressure on your feet when walking
  • Sometimes, wearing a splint at night or an orthotic in your shoe may help

If the above steps do not relieve your pain to the point that you are satisfied, surgical intervention for your bunion may be recommended. Your doctor will be able to guide you through this decision-making process. Contact us about your bunion in Reston, Manassas, and Leesburg, VA, to decide the best treatment strategy for you. Schedule a consultation with one of the podiatrists at The Foot and Ankle Centres by calling our Reston office at (703) 437-6333, our Manassas office at (703) 368-7166, or our Leesburg office at (703) 777-2101.

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