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Treating Your Ankle Sprain

If you’re dealing with a sprained ankle here’s how to handle it. 

During your run, you turned one way and your ankle turned another and now you’re in pain. Could it be a sprained ankle? While a minor sprain may easily clear up on its own with a little rest, it’s also important to recognize when it’s time to see our Reston, Manassas, and Leesburg, VA, podiatrists for immediate care.

Could it be a sprained ankle? Well, it’s hard to tell without coming into our office, but common symptoms of an ankle sprain include,

  • Pain and swelling
  • Ankle tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Trouble putting weight on the ankle

If you are dealing with severe bruising, swelling or pain then you should see our podiatrists right away. While a minor sprain will usually go away on its own with proper rest and home care, if you are dealing with a more serious injury then you may need more aggressive treatment from a medical professional. If your symptoms aren’t getting better with rest, or if symptoms get progressively worse then it’s time to visit our podiatrists. A simple imaging test such as an X-ray can help us determine the extent of the damage and whether you may be dealing with something more serious like a fractured ankle. From there, we will be able to determine the best course of action.

How should I treat an ankle sprain? 

Rest is the most important thing you can do for your ankle; however, there are a variety of things that you can also do to ease your symptoms and to help speed up the healing process including,

  • Elevating your feet to reduce swelling
  • Resting as much as possible, and avoiding any activities that could aggravate your condition
  • Icing your affected ankle for 15 minutes at a time several times a day
  • Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce pain and swelling
  • Bracing or wearing compression bandages around the ankle for support
  • Wearing supportive shoes when walking

If the sprain is more severe your doctor may recommend wearing a protective boot or using crutches to stay off the ankle until it is fully healed. While rare, it is possible that a person could require surgery if one or more ligaments in the ankle are torn.

If you are concerned about ankle pain or an ankle injury it’s best to play it safe and visit a podiatrist for care? Call Reston, Manassas & Leesburg Foot and Ankle Centers in Reston at (703) 437-6333. You can also contact our Manassas location at (703) 368-7166 or our Leesburg office at (703) 777-2101.

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